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  Ketria Bastian Scott
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About me...
Houston sculptor Ketria Bastian Scott is largely self-taught in her discipline. She graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1989. She initially used her sculpting skills to repurpose toys for children with mental and physical challenges. Although happy working for non-profits, Scott’s calling remained with the fine arts. Scott currently works at the Ken King Foundry, crafting bronze work of sculptors on projects ranging in scale from the intimate to the monumental. She has advanced skills and experience in mold making, wax work, welding and metal fabrication. The bronze artisan work done at the foundry is for a variety of local, regional, national and internationally known artists.

About my style....
My style is contemporary and inspired by the Surrealist and Arte Povrera movements. I am influenced by the artists Joe Havel, Louise Bourgeois, Tony Cragg and Andy Goldsworthy.
I like to combine organic forms and man-made devices. In my studio work I use a variety of materials ranging from natural and man-made found objects to clay and wax. Eventually most pieces find their completion in bronze. The work is introspective and typically intimate in scale. One could interpret the works as historical artifacts that point to some sort of unexplainable transformation.