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  Ketria Bastian Scott
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Lauren's Garden for Market Square Park  
-  Current Project 2010
My current project is for the Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation at Market Squre Park in downtown Houston.  I was asked to create some "organic poetry" for an intimate memorial garden, Lauren’s Garden.  This garden is part of the larger renovation of Market Square Park which was finished this past August. 

Lauren’ Garden is designed to be a quiet and thoughtful place in remembrance of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy and is the only such memorial in Houston and Harris County, Texas.  The garden is located off the center of Congress Street via a patio-like seating area and a landscaped grotto.  In collaboration with the landscape architect Lauren Griffith,  we have designed a waterfall spanning a stepped wall leading to a quiet shallow pond of rocks and boulders.
Ink sketch - Bristlecone Pine 2009

As the pieces and concept evolved, they became more robust – They “grew” into thick vine-like, knarled  trees.  My inspiration was the Bristlecone Pine which is the oldest known living tree on the planet. (Some have lived over 4,000 years!)   The two elements reach out toward each other in a gesture of endurance, strength and hope.  
This is the original concept sketch.
Concept sketch - Lauren's Garden 2009
Here are a  few images of the pieces in process.  The larger one….